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Single Azure SQL database To recover a single or pooled database to a point in time by using the Azure portal, open the database overview page, and select Restore on the toolbar. Choose the backup source, and select the point-in-time backup point from which a new database will be created.

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Azure SQL Database doesn't in-house full feature parity when compared to the on-premise database versions of SQL Server like SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, and SQL server 2017 Some of the major notable omissions that include Database Mail , FILESTREAM data type , and CLR integration with SQL Server.

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A BACPAC file can later be stored in Azure blob storage or in local storage in an on-premises location and later imported back into Azure SQL Database or into a SQL Server on-premises installation. Note: I've also seen references to BACPAC files as a data-tier application file or a DAC .Azure SQL Database provides a number of benefits that leverage resiliency and redundancy built into the underlying cloud infrastructure. You can take advantage of these features in order to perform backup, restore, and failover tasks, which help you recover from human errors, service outages, or even regional disasters.

Microsoft SQL Server is the best on-premises database management tool which organizations use to save their business data. When they wish to migrate the on-site resources to the cloud, they hesitate to migrate the SQL data to the cloud. But there is Azure Database Migration Service which you can use and migrate the SQL data to Azure cloud server.SQL Database. To recover a deleted database to the deletion time by using the Azure portal, open the server overview page, and select Deleted databases.Select a deleted database that you want to restore, and type the name for the new database that will be created with data restored from the backup.