Gcc builtin bit reverse

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In order to delay execution for a specific number of cycles, GCC implements void __builtin_avr_delay_cycles (unsigned long ticks) ticks is the number of ticks to delay execution. Note that this built-in does not take into account the effect of interrupts that might increase delay time. ... // reverse the bit order of bits __builtin_avr_insert ...

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GCC's external interface follows Unix conventions. Users invoke a language-specific driver program (gcc for C, g++ for C++, etc.), which interprets command arguments, calls the actual compiler, runs the assembler on the output, and then optionally runs the linker to produce a complete executable binary.

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It enables you to reverse the bit order in a 32-bit word from within your C or C++ code. Syntax unsigned int __rbit(unsigned int val) Where: val is the data value whose bit order is to be reversed. Return value The __rbit intrinsic returns the value obtained from val by reversing its bit order. GCC/Clang: _builtin_bswap64 _builtin_bswap32 _builtin_bswap16; The x86 header immintrin.h also includes _bswap and _bswap64. Otherwise a more generic and portable implementation can be used as well to be more architecture-generic. ... The trick here is that rather than trying to reverse a 256-bit register atomically in one go, instead reverse ...

* class is a proxy for an actual bit; this way the individual bit * operations are done as faster word-size bitwise instructions. * Most users will never need to use this class directly; conversions