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# For parsing Wikiextractor outputs to get Wikipedia text pip install beautifulsoup4 # For segmenting documents into sentences pip install nltk python -c "import nltk;'punkt')" # For saving pre-training data into .hdf5 files pip install h5py # For basic tokenization and BERT/CharacterBERT models in PyTorch cd external/ git clone ...

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Introduction Recently, I've had a chance to play with word embedding models. Word embedding models involve taking a text corpus and generating vector representations for the words in said corpus. These types of models have many uses such as computing similarities between words (usually done via cosine similarity between the vector representations) and detecting analogies…

在NLP 兩大library: spaCy 和 NLTK之中都各自提供了stop words的列表,取得的方法分別是: spaCy: 如果尚未安裝 spaCy: # 利用 conda 安裝 spaCy conda install -c conda-forge spacy # spaCy 安裝完是一個空殼,要用它 model 裡面的功能必須先下載 model python -m spacy download en_core_web_smAn In-Depth Analysis of r/UMD¶. By Matt Graber, Tim Henderson, Matt Vorsteg, and Jordan Woo¶. r/UMD is the official subreddit (sub-community of the popular social media news aggregation website Reddit) for the University of Maryland, College Park.Simply by looking at the front page of r/UMD, we can see that the community was first created on April 15, 2010, and there are 20,789 Reddit users ...print (article.summary) #prints the summary of the article. print ("\n") print ("Article Keywords:") print (article.keywords) #prints the keywords of the article. 7. The above result can be written in a text file. The following lines of codes are used to write tt into a text file.